April Joy is a Florida Native that shares time between Santa Monica, California and Nosara, Costa Rica.


She is the founder and co-teacher of Sol 2 Soul, a yoga  retreat company that was created to bring together her love of yoga, surf, South & Central America, community & culture.

Each retreat location has been hand selected, residing along the most spectacular, pristine beaches and jungles of Central & South America. 



April’s vinyasa classes are like the waves of the ocean, they start slow, build momentum and then taper down to stillness once more.  

Classes are heat building, core concentrated and creatively sequenced, there is a definite emphasize on the use of props as well as physical, breath and energetic alignment.

The effort and focus throughout class is designed to lead into the sweet release and expanse of savasana.



April's deepest inspiration and greatest teacher continue to be drawn from the various elements found in nature.


Other inspirations include insights from the great sages, yogis, goddesses, mystics, musicians, social activists, gypsies, indigenous people, poets, surfers, dancers, & scientists of the past and present. & the Sun, Moon & Stars.


Over the years she has developed a strong interest in medicinal plants and is currently studying herbalism with The Gaia School of Healing in Topanga, California. 




Endless gratitude to her brilliant teachers: Marysia Miernowska, Jana Roemer,

Carrie Owerko, Tias Little, Yogeswari, Jules Febre, Rodney Yee, Bryn Chrisman,

Nikki Costello, Raghunath, and Don & Amba Stapleton for their continual inspiration and beautiful transmission of the teachings of yoga & ways of spirit. 



60-hours Jana Roemer Yoga Nidra 2018

25-hours Tias Little                                                                   "Asana & Pranayama as Gateways to the Subtle Body" 2018

45-hours Tias Little "The Art of Healing" 2017

25-hours Carrie Owerko 2017

100-hours: Rodney Yee & Colleen Saidman-Yee 2016

75-hours: Yoga Maya: Restorative, Pranayama & Meditation 2015

100-hours: Raghunath: "Born to Fly" 2013

800-hours: Jivamukti 2012

200-hours: Interdisciplinary-Nosara Yoga Institute 2011
















"Waves rise from water.

Flames arise from fire.

Rays emanate from the sun.

So do you & I shine forth

From the Mysterious one."


-The Radiance Sutras 87