Arm balances are some of the most exciting, beautiful and challenging yoga postures out there.


In this workshop we will explore various techniques to improve stability and strength in handstand, forearm-stand, crow and more.

We will warm the body up through movement designed to target key muscle groups, and discuss the importance of stretching the wrists, shoulders and hips.


Props will be utilized to help create strong structural alignment and to help us on this playful journey.


You will leave this workshop with more confidence and a new set of tools to keep these energizing arm balances part of your practice for many more moons.

Appropriate for all levels of practitioners.



This workshop for all levels, will guide you through the necessary stages and steps for getting into and out of backbends safely and intelligently.


We will begin practice with a slow warm up designed to build heat in the body and stretch out specific muscles in preparation for spinal extension. 

We will then explore and discuss in detail, various back bending asanas , utilizing props to help with proper alignment and to provide support when needed. 


The practice of back bending over time can build mental confidence and strengthen the muscles of your back, while opening up the front body,


learning how is key!



In this workshop for all levels we will explore with our physical bodies circles & non linear dynamic movement, to stretch & tone the entire circumference of our torso.

We will learn ways to pull in around the midline, as a means to ignite a deep inner stability. which will be key for balance work & everyday activities.

The importance of our vertical core will be discussed, & how this power center is a storehouse for energy, which we can potentially tap into & harness.. 

We will wind down into stillness by working with supported restorative postures, & beginning a guided journey into the subtle body.





This restorative practice has been thoughtfully sequenced to help stimulate and enliven the 7 main chakras in the energetic body..

We will move in order from bottom to top, discussing the characteristics of each chakra. essential oils will be offered in conjunction with the chakra of focus.

This workshop is designed to trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, release tension and restore vital energy., Postures will be supported with props and held for up to 5 minutes on each side.


Prepare to take it easy, and slow way down.



Yoga for tight bodies

This workshop is designed for those who are tight or restricted in their physical bodies, As well as individuals suffering from chronic pain, or dealing with injuries past or present.

We will slowly warm up targeted muscle groups, utilizing various props, to help facilitate stability, length and tone..

We will explore range of motion in the joints, in order to open up the rest of the body.

Plan on working slowly and methodically, to create patterns of lasting space and ease, this will work to rejuvenate and open the entire body.

Our time together will wind down with a few helpful restorative postures, that will be beneficial for everyone. 



In this workshop, we will concentrate on gently engaging & lengthening the psoas major muscle, through a series of dynamic & held postures. This deep stretch work will help to release the psoas muscle, which for many of us is habitually tight, This tightness can contribute to lower back pain, back spasms, nerve pain and possibly digestive issues.

This is a slow moving open level, deep stretch class with props, that will allow you the time needed to get to know your psoas, as well as some recovery steps to renew elasticity.

We will end our time together with a few restorative postures that will help to reset the nervous system & realign your energy system. 









"Waves rise from water.

Flames arise from fire.

Rays emanate from the sun.

So do you & I shine forth

From the Mysterious one."


-The Radiance Sutras 87